Track Review: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Poster Child

The Chili Peppers’ latest tease for their upcoming LP, Unlimited Love, is far cry away from the radio-friendly sound of its predecessor, Black Summer. new track, Poster Child, is a nod to the Chili Peppers of yesteryear, and their are few outfits today that master this funk-riddled sound with such sincerity.

Diehard fans might find this track somewhat reminiscent of One Hot Minutes’ Walkabout. The wah guitar and slippery vocals are certainly uncanny – Let the Navarro vs Frusciante debate commence.

Poster Child is all about the verses, but the catchy chorus packs enough punch to evoke more mainstream appeal. Kiedis’s rubbery rhymes chronicle a who’s who of the musical world – according to him, of course. And, one would be forgiven for drawing parallels to Springsteen’s classic, We Didn’t Start The Fire; however, this is where the comparisons end.

This is a stone cold funk track, but one for the well-initiated.


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