Track Review: Billy Talent – End Of Me (ft. Rivers Cuomo

The Billy Talent faithful will be rejoicing! The band’s latest single, End Of Me, showcases the Canadian four piece at its best. Before we lose our heads, however, there is absolutely nothing new here, but maybe that’s the point? Signature twanging riffs and chanting, staccato choruses successfully strike a nostalgic chord.

Any lacking in originality is neutralised by the inclusion of Weezer’s geek chic romantic, Rivers Cuomo. The Weezer frontman seems to add a pleasant antithesis to the screech of front man Benjamin Kowalewicz’s urgent unnunciations. On that note, the opening riff is uncannily reminiscent of Weezer’s classic, Say It Ain’t So, and the solo is Weezer-infused heaven.

If you’re looking for classic Billy Talent, look no further than End Of Me. This track will go on to be a fan favourite for years to come. Billy Talent meets Weezer is a winning combination.


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