Track Review: Angels and Airwaves – Spellbound

Infections and tuneful: the key attributes every recording artist strives for. Angels and Airwaves have applied this formula with aplomb in new release, Spellbound. Granted, the track is never going to top the pop charts – or even chart particularly highly in the modern rock charts, for that matter – but it’s a great song, nonetheless.

Remove the myriad of wannabe futuristic sounds, strip it back to basics, and a solid pop punk song is revealed like a diamond in the rough. Reminiscent of circa 2003 blink-182, the chorus harnesses Tom Delonge’s song writing prowess at its finest, and uses his whining vocals as god intended.

Its finesse and polished production showcases the sound of a band who are comfortable within the niche they have carved for themselves. Angels and Airwaves can never be considered a side project.


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