Track Review: Tom Morello – Highway To Hell (feat. Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder)

Few guitarists are as innovative and progressive as Tom Morello. Recognisable for his manipulation of the electric guitar, Morello is a bonafide string-scratching, pedal-pushing musical manic!

Dare it be said that Morello’s cover of veteran rockers ACDC’s Highway To High is better than the original? No, but it’s a pretty solid interpretation that’s given the full-throttle Morello treatment.

Gravel-voiced Springsteen takes the reigns in the first verse, before the gruff yet soothing vocals of grunge icon, Eddie Vedder, assumes vocal duties for verse two. The pair join forces in the chorus, authentically emulating the anthemic chanting of the original hit.

The breakdown is pure Rage Against The Machine. Insurmountable tension builds before it’s unleashed with a classic Morello solo, making it more than just a cover song. Morello has upheld the DNA of the classic, leaving it largely untouched. However, his breakdown and solo offering is just enough to make this song a highly memorable effort.


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