Track Review: Angels and Airwaves – Losing My Mind

Perplexing and palatable in equal measure, space rockers Angels and Airwaves have been around for over fifteen year now, and have successfully carved out their own ornate sound along the way. New single Losing My Mind, however, showcases a band that may indeed have lost their mind. Angels and Airwaves often put out music that they likely consider groundbreaking, but it’s generally just okay; however, this new single has reached an all time low.

The opening bass is an intriguing gimmick, and the pre-chorus is excellent, but the interest climaxes early on. The listener loses attention as the chorus resolves into a circa 2003 blink 182 blueprint. The video also resuscitates the dumb-fuck stupidness of blink 182, with Tom prancing around Vegas pretending to act like a prize fool – little does he know, he doesn’t need to pretend to be the village idiot.

Perhaps DeLonge is yearning for the simplicity of blink 182? Who knows what goes on it that befuddled alien-obsessed cranium? Whatever the reason, Losing My Mind misses the mark by a country mile.


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