Track Review: The Prodigy – Breathe (feat. RZA – Rene LaVice Dark D&B Remix)

Nineties dance classic Breathe was inescapable upon release, and marked the pinnacle of success for Big Beat boys, The Prodigy. Pioneering the sound that would become lamented in music history as Big Beat, The Prodigy have always done things their way. Appealing to dance and rock aficionados alike, they are a band equally comfortable performing at Creamfields or Download.

With the tragic loss of Keith Flint in 2019, fans would have understandably believed the terrifying freight train that is The Prodigy, had permanently been derailed and decommissioned. However, mastermind Liam Howlett is an industrious man and a slave to sound, announcing last year that the band will continue.

The original nineties classic, Breathe, was insidious and unnerving, but this new remix – a remix of the recent RZA collaboration – is frantic and urgent, as is often the way with Drum and Bass. But the urgency evoked by the track, triggers the urgency one feels when desperately wanting to change the record.

Despite retaining some of the original hostility of the record, Breathe did not need a drum and bass remix! There’s nothing wrong with DJs remixing classic tracks; some do it well, some do it poorly. Sadly, the drum and bass remix of Breathe falls into the latter camp.


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