Track Review: Haim – Cherry Flavored Stomach Ache

Treading the perilous tightrope of making great pop music, whilst ensuring compromise is all but negligible, is a skill Haim have comfortably mastered. Haim are synonymous with marketability and great music; the sibling trio ooze charisma and have the talent to back it up!

Taken from the The Last Letter From Your Lover soundtrack, Cherry Flavored Stomach Ache has a chugging country sound, creating a jovial and gleeful listening experience. A delightful, chiming chord progression creates a charming riff that makes up the backbone of the two-and-a-half minute ditty. The same progression is replicated by harmonica blasts, evoking a mid-western barn dance feel, and a little reminiscent of Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac.

Lyrically, the song plays to Haim’s strengths – words of heartbreak and inner strength – and is a fine example of what the band do best – great pop rock!


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