Track Review: Chvrches – Good Girls

Arriving in the wake of the memorable and melodramatic Robert Smith collaboration, How Not To Drown, Chvrches we’re going to need something special as a follow up. Sadly, Good Girls is pop music at its shitest and most compressed.

Chvurches seem to have mastered the art of making music that is simultaneously toe-tappingly catchy and toe-curlingly cringeworthy – quite the achievement! Good Girls conjures up the same feelings of mundanity and indifference as a rainy Monday morning. It’s pop processed austerity personified! The dregs of the pop-synth barrel!

As on-trend, Instagram-friendly music the song just about cuts the mustard. But it will leave the music fan feeling like they have just inhaled a jar of Coleman’s finest. Good Girls is simply bad.


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