Track Review: DON BROCO – Gumshield

Bedford boys, DON BROCO, bring the noise with their latest no holds barred effort, Gumshield. This single should come with a warning: “teenagers are going to lose their shit.”

Initiating proceedings with an Infectious and taut trumpet hook, interest is immediately piqued. Resisting the urge not to whistle the curious hook is futile, and you’ll find the urge lasts all day. The same trumpet is used throughout the song with various effects, making it much more than an out-of-place, quirky intro.

“Put my gumshield in, protect me from myself,” croons vocalist Rob Damiani throughout the verse. And you better believe that audiences are going to need a gumshield when this brutally brash number is unleashed on the touring circuit!

The tension evoked throughout the verse is then tastefully resolved by a heavy, yet melodic chorus. The only red herring to an otherwise solid effort, is the beginning of the bridge, which is somewhat Frankenstein-esque; feeling as if it has been shoddily sewn together from another song.

Perturbingly underrated as a band, DON BROCO continue to release great music but fail to receive the recognition they deserve. Gumshied is a great release by a great band.


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