Track Review: Damon Albarn – Polaris

Cockney chimp turned Gorillaz maestro, Damon Albarn, returns to his nomadic solo ways with new single, Polaris.

Polaris is more Blur than Gorillaz but the identity of both acclaimed acts are ever-present, and the outcome is delightful. Cowbells and organs begin proceedings, before the song grows in depth with the addition of a thumping beat and supplementary instruments, successfully building tension and continually improving the track.

Polaris is not one for the radio, but it’s a jovial and memorable number. The song has an almost cathartic and religious musical undertone, inviting the listener to close their eyes and evangelically wave their arms from side to side, as if praising a higher power.

If the remainder of the tracks from Albarn’s upcoming alarm, The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows, sound half as good as Polaris, the music world are in for a treat.


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