Track Review: You Me At Six – Read My Mind

You Me At Six, are certainty maturing in sound with latest release, Read My Mind, but they are losing their urgency and relevance.

Opening with complimentary scratchy riff and stained vocals, Read My Mind’s verse just about works, but this monosyllabic approach has been interpreted and bettered by countless other emo pop punk bands.

Where the band always come into their own, is their almost unrivalled efficacy for producing consistently catchy choruses. Although Read My Mind is a little more subtle than out-and-out catchy, its chorus hook can be hummed after the first chorus.

You Me At Six have always thrived on a monumental bridges, building tension to thrust them into the final chorus; although Read My Mind has an intriguing bridge, it fails to produce any momentum to drive the final chorus. The bridge is less Golden Gate, more dual carriageway.

It’s good to see that You Me At Six are still flying the flag for popular pop punk, but the flag is tattered and flying at half mast.


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