Track Review: YUNGBLUD – Like A Virgin

Love him or loathe him, YUNGBLUD does it the way he wants to do it. His unabashed, non-conformist rebelliousness is infectious, and certainly hasn’t hindered his success. And, if you look past his more-than-marketable image, he does produce quality pop music.

Covering Madonna’s hit, Like A Virgin, doesn’t seem like an odd selection for a cover song, given that YUNGBLUD never shies away from discussing the sexual escapades of youth as subject matter. In fact, it makes complete sense that he would cover Like A Virgin.

The final product is not a complete rework of the original. The drums are different, and the original certainly didn’t include any distortion, whatsoever. However, it’s the vocal performance that sets it apart from the original. YUNGBLUD’s vocals always command authority, and his rendition of Like A Virgin is no different. He makes the song his own, adding his unique tongue-in-cheek twist and Doncaster twang.

YUNGBLUD’s version of Like A Virgin does not better the original but it’s as good, and brings the eighties classic into the 21st Century. Madge would approve.


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