Track Review: The Bronx – Curb Feelers

Described by The Bronx’ front man, Matt Caughthran, as setting the tone for the upcoming Bronx VI, and the rock the other songs break against, new single Curb Feelers is an unstoppable boulder plummeting down an endless mountainside. This latest effort is a fine example of what modern punk should look like – thrashing and shrieking but just enough melodic hook to differentiate it between noise and song.

Not your everyday experience of punk – the musicianship on Curb Feelers is superb! Refusing to pigeonhole themselves with an endless onslaught of power chords – the unfortunate prototype of most modern punk – the fast riffing running through the track creates a sense of urgency greater than the need for a toilet after an IBS flare up! The sublime speed soloing adds further oomph to the already frenzied and hectic number.

“I write the songs that no-one sings. You got no idea the pressure that brings,” screams Caughthran. Rest assured, this song will be sung with gusto. Bronx VI is released 17th August, and having already teased with four tracks, the album will be the summer staple for a lot of combat-boot-connoisseurs and studded-belt-enthusiasts.


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