Track Review: Descendents – Like The Way I Know

What can be said about a track coming in at one meagre minute in length? As it turns out, quite a lot.

Punk bands are notorious for accomplishing what’s required within the confines of three minutes, but Descendents manage to pull off their new song – and it is definitely is a song – Like The Way I Know within 56 seconds. Granted, its short duration will never make it a go-to fan favourite but the band accomplish a pleasing pop punk project, nonetheless.

Still continuing to tease their upcoming album, 9th And Walnut, Descendents bring the get up and go with Like The Way I Know. A thrashing power chord riff propels the track with urgency, and really is the back bone of the ditty. Descendents also manage to squeeze in an excellent chorus… twice. You can probably now appreciate the tempo of the track.

Like The Way I Know is not so much a song to be remembered from Descendents extensive discography, it’s more of a last-minute reminder that 9th And Walnut drops next month.


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