Track Review: Foo Fighters – Making A Fire (Mark Ronson Re-Version

There are many words to the describe faeces, and Foo Fighters are fast becoming a synonym for it. Dave Grohl’s forte for releasing soulless and sterilised pop rock, shows no signs of slowing.

Since the turn of the millennium, Foo Fighters have released one boring album after one boring album. When all is said and done, however, you can’t knock Grohl and Foo Fighters for giving the masses what they want, and at least he flies the flag for keeping rock music half relevant in an age of algorithmic musical dirge.

One of the latest releases by Foo Fighters, Making A Fire, has been given the Mark Ronson treatment. Recognisable as a Mark Ronson wonder track within seconds of the song’s start, Ronson makes Making A Fire significantly more enjoyable. His version ditches the Foo Fighters’ irritatingly loud guitars, replacing them with funkier and infinitely cooler licks, and incorporating seductive soloing.

This is what Mark Ronson does best; he takes songs and makes them so much better. He has certainly managed to polish a turd with this latest reimagining. If only he could have called upon one of his own previously used vocalist to cover Grohl’s whiney singing.


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