Track Review: WILLOW – Lipstick

Hip hop and pop punk have experienced an unlikely alliance over the past few years. Notable crossover artists include Post Malone and Machine Gun Kelly; both of whom have embraced the guitar with enormous commercial success.

Stylistically, hip hop and pop punk are very disparate, and the purists of both genres would ordinarily not listen to the music efforts of the other; however, the recent splicing of hip hop and pop punk has made for some excellent pop music, and many artists are starting to take notice and replicate.

Daughter of Will Smith, WILLOW, has carved a successful career as a rapper and singer in her own right – having already released three albums since the age of fifteen – and is now due to release her pop punk debut with Lately I Feel Everything. A risky move, but having already worked with one of the most respected artists in hip hop and pop punk, Travis Barker, WILLOW’s upcoming release could be something special.

Unlike Machine Gun Kelly’s recent effort that was taken straight from the Idiot’s Guide To Emulating Blink 182, WILLOW’s new single, Lipstick, doesn’t feel like it’s trying to imitate anyone. The guitar tones are abrasive and deep, and not stereotypically pop punk, but Lipstick is a solid effort. The darker sound is amplified by the truly exceptional vocal performance and catchy lyrical hooks. It’s exciting when artists move away from their traditional sound and hit the nail firmly on the head, and WILLOW has driven that nail deep!


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