Track Review: Bastille – Distorted Light Beam

London lads, Bastille, make a welcome return to form with new dance floor filler, Distorted Light Beam. Simple and formulaic yet unique, this track will satisfy that Bastille-shaped hole in your life.

Commencing with helter-skelter techno keys, reverberated vocals and computerised beats, it’s still Bastille but with a made-for-Ibiza veneer. The chorus is perhaps less anthemic than the best of the band’s outputs but it possesses a charm in it’s positive – if slightly idealistic – lyrics. Pompeii, this song is not, but it is certainly not a throwaway effort.

BBC Radio 1 will likely gush over the release of any new Bastille material, overplay it and make you hate it. But until it’s tarnished, crank it up to eleven and enjoy the euphoric dance beats for three minutes of bliss.


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