Track Review: The Killers – Dustland feat. Bruce Springsteen

Sonny and Cher. Nicks and Petty. Flowers and Springsteen? When two planets collide, something very special happens, and this is certainly the case with The Killers’ collaboration with Bruce Springsteen on new song, Dustland.

Dustland is a solid offering, beginning with a soft piano ballad, before erupting into classic Killers’ mode. The track sounds like a song one might expect to find on the band’s second album, Sam’s Town; reminiscent of When You Were Young. But hey, if you’re enlisting The Boss, you’re going to want to make a loud impression, so sticking to a tried and tested formula might be sensible.

As is often the case with The Killers’ songs, Brandon Flowers’ wit as a wordsmith is called upon with excellent effect. The lyrics are abstract but powerfully induce imagery, and are complimented by the vocal performances of Flowers and Springsteen.

Springsteen’s voice never fails to bring grit and sincerity to any record, adding clout to what is definitely a Killers song. His husky tones perfectly paint over Flowers’s more refined vocals. Dustland is a certain hit!


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