Track Review: Modest Mouse – The Sun Hasn’t Left

Continuing to tease the upcoming release of their new album, The Golden Casket, Modest Mouse find the cheese again with their latest single, The Sun Hasn’t Left.

The track begins with a tinkering xylophone, establishing a sense of cheek, charm and welcome petulance, before settling into the trademark Modest Mouse swing.

As with its predecessor, Leave A Light On, Modest Mouse do not do modest choruses. The Sun Hasn’t Left is a humdinger of a chorus. Coupled with the upbeat sound and lyrics of optimism, the song would melt even the cruelest of hearts.

As certain as death and taxes, the Oregonian Octet never fail to deliver. The world needs more jovial songs to guide us through this time of turbulence.

With two indie feel-good hits for the summer now in the bag, the release of The Golden Casket cannot come soon enough.


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