Track Review: Angels And Airwaves – Restless Souls

Spearheaded by self-proclaimed alien lover, Tom DeLonge, Angels and Airwaves announce the release date of their long awaited album, Lifeforms. Accompanying the announcement, Angels and Airwaves release new single, Restless Souls.

There’s no denying that Angels and Airwaves have crafted a distinctive futuristic sound, but like a cassette tape that’s been played for the millionth time, the aesthetic is worn out.

The chorus, despite being catchy, has been done before. A carbon copy of fan favourite, Everything’s Magic, but magic this song is not. Fans of the band will likely welcome Restless Souls, as it cut from the same cloth as most other Angel and Airwaves songs but, sadly, the cloth is frayed and tired.

Based on the singles already released from Angel And Airwaves’ upcoming album, there is a lack of hope for what is yet to come.


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