Track Review: Weezer – Tell Me What You Want

Californian quartet, Weezer, have been busy in the last year. Dropping OK Human and Van Weezer in quick – and very welcome – succession, the outfit now surprise with new release, Tell Me What You Want, featuring on the video game Wave Break.

In the spirit of the band’s most recent long-playing recording, Van Weezer, the geek rockers continue in a similar vein with some tasty rock riffing, creating tension and suspense before bursting into a Weezer chorus.

Tell Me What You Want comprises a concise and classic Weezer chorus. Cuomo’s penchant for melodic, simplicity is ever present in the song, and his ‘it’s okay not to be okay’ lyrical themes remain the DNA of Weezer.

The recent revival and return to form of Weezer is welcome. They have been given a new lease of life and their bandwagon shows no sign of slowly up any time soon.


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