Track Review: Bowling For Soup – Where’s The Love? (feat. Hanson)

Texan pop punk powerhouses, Bowling For Soup, teaming up with 90’s whimpering wonderkids Hanson?! An odd combination, certainly. The outcome? Nothing short of terrible.

Bowling For Soup give the pop punk treatment to one of Hanson’s lesser known songs, Where’s The Love? Let’s face it, if it isn’t Mmmbop, all Hanson songs are practically unknown. Musically, the cover song works, it just feels like an intolerable itch you cannot scratch.

The ever shrill vocals of Jaret Reddick are accompanied by the certainly now-more-mature vocals of Hanson. Hanson’s vocals are superior in every facet, but oddly compliment the urgency of Jaret’s timbre. The vocal effort is something that adds intrigue to an otherwise calamitously awful song.

When considering this track, it is impossible not to wonder why Bowling For Soup didn’t choose to cover Mmmbop? You have already played out how that might sound in your head, right? It sounds better, doesn’t it?

Fans of the band will likely welcome this offering. Those who tolerate the band, will curl their toes with cringe.


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