Track Review: Jungle – Talk About It

Funk-soul brothers, Jungle, impress with their freshest feel-good number, Talk About It. A sound steeped in heritage and nostalgia is given a modern treatment by Jungle.

The duo have a well-established funk style, and fans of the outfit will relish this latest effort. Opening with a soulful drumbeat and pulsating baseline, before settling into signature Bee Gees-inspired vocal performances, the sound is familiar, friendly and innately Jungle. This sound runs throughout the number, and the listener knows they are in for a fun time!

Optimism resonates in both sound and lyrics, and the timing of the track’s release is very welcome. With COVID-19 restrictions coming to a close and the weather seeming to be on the up, the smiley number was released at just the right time. The aesthetics of the track conjure images of pool parties in far flung exotic locations; something that has been missing from many individual’s lives for the last year and a half.

Although Talk About It may not go down as one of Jungle’s greats, it’ll do for now. It’s a perfect reminder that summer is here, and will make many short-listings for summer soundtracks.


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