Track Review: Descendents – Nightage

The original proprietors of the pop punk sound, Descendents, tease with new track, Nightage. Taken from their upcoming album, 9th and Walnut, Nightage is two minutes and twenty-two seconds of slicing-raw-onion punk.

Setting the scene with a frantic chainsaw riff, it’s immediately apparent that Nightage is a no-holds-barred song. Milo opts for his more abrasive vocal tones, matching the angst and sincerity of the lyrics with accuracy.

The band’s appreciation for great melody has always been something that has set them apart from their pop punk peers. Nightage’s chorus contains that signature Descendents’ melodic midis touch – brief yet perfectly placed.

The longevity of Descendents is one to behold; making music since 1977. Staying true to their punk rock roots but remaining relevant within the scene – Nightage is a track that maintains that relevance.


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