Track Review: Modest Mouse – Leave A Light On

As catching as winter flu, Modest Mouse’s latest single release, Leave A Light On, is certainly contagious. But where the flu leaves you incapacitated and downright miserable, the band’s latest effort will leave listeners exultant and joyful. Listeners will find themselves inexplicably unable not to smile when this offering graces their ears.

This track will satisfy the members of the Modest Mouse fan club – if such a club exists – whilst also pleasing the avid radio listener; a skilful balance many indie bands seem incapable of doing. This versatility is all thanks to an excitable and chantable chorus. The rest of the song is by no means poor; the chorus is just that good!

The lyrics are madder than a box of frogs, but their playful nature – including themes of love and loss – only adds to the cheerfulness and likability of the song.

Make no mistake, Leave A Light On will be a festival favourite. It’ll leave you bobbing your head like an apple-bobbing champion at a village church fete.


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