Track Review: The Wombats – Method To The Madness

Liverpool lads, The Wombats, may have had their day in the sun over a decade ago, but they continue to release albums that chart reasonably well. Always the bridesmaids, never the bride, but they certainly strike a chord with many.

Teasing their upcoming LP release with new single, Method To The Madness, The Wombats’ track is mature in tone, and lullaby-esque in sound – for the most part. The serenity of the song lulls the listener into false pretenses of unplugged, acoustic comfort. This calming sound would have made the track memorable enough, but then the breakdown arrives! The intensity begins to build into a frantic crescendo, hitting the number out the park and securing its memorability in the process.

Matthew Murphy’s accomplishment as a song writer and raconteur is well evidenced in this new release. The lyrics evoke vivid imagery, emotional uncertainty and existentialism. Coupled with carefully considered lyrics, Murphy’s vocal prowess is very much on display, demonstrating his vast range – truly a showcase of his technical proficiency as a singer.

If the upcoming LP is of the same calibre as Method To The Madness, it could be this year’s unexpected gem.


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