Track Review: Dinosaur Jr – I Expect It Always

J Mascis’ guitar tone should be trademarked for its instantly recognisable and unrefined rough edges. If his sound was in a police line-up, the cops would get their man every time.

I Expect It Always is by no means an evolution – like the rest of new album Sweep It Into Space – but Dinosaur Jr have already evolved into Homo sapiens of their craft. The track is a predictable, up-tempo adherence to their well-established formula. It’ll never win awards – or sell well, for that matter – but will be well received by the Dinosaur Jr faithful.

As with all good Dinosaur Jr songs, Masics’ soothing vocals effortlessly propels the song, and the screeching guitar solo fits fantastically with the timbre of the track, soundly showcasing Masics’ musicianship.

Simply a great example of what the Massachusetts men do with confidence and class.


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