Track Review: The Black Keys – Going Down South

Jack Daniels, smoky bars and confederate flags. If these words conjure up images of the Deep South, the new number from The Black Keys encapsulates the sounds of the southern states.

Bluesy bars treated by slouching slide soloing, Going Down South is the type of song The Black Keys do very well. Dan Auerbach’s flare for falsetto pairs nicely with these classic blues-themed lyrics like bourbon and Marlboro Reds.

Although more refined and perhaps less impactful than the taut and twangy RL Burnside original, The Black Keys modernise this classic with aplomb. A classic track it is not. A stylish number it is. Don’t be surprised if Going Down South rears its head in adverts and movies in the years to follow.

If Going Down South were to make The Black Keys’ set list, it would work perfectly as a grooving opener, played before the Ohio outfit rip into a more upbeat classic from their substantial catalogue.


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