Track Review: Machine Gun Kelly – Love Race

The hip-hop remains on hiatus. The pop punk pretence proceeds. Hip hop? pop punk? MGK is fast becoming the Jack of all trades, master of none.

Consistent with the tracks of MGK’s previous LP, love race is an angsty, three minute pop punk effort. However, if this ditty is anything to go by, the next LP release will be largely ignored. On paper, love race has the blueprint of a punk pop classic but it has too many architectural flaws.

The track acts as a reminder that MGK is no singer. His punchy annunciation works flawlessly for biting verses, but his lifeless singing voice – reminiscent of a teenager with newly-dropped balls – is at best, dull. Who wants to listen to a singer who can’t sing?
Not blessed with refined vocal chords, MGK – or rather his management – recognises that his singing efforts work best when augmented by an artist of higher register. Kellin Quinn’s interesting addition add intrigue to what is otherwise an instantly forgettable pop punk song. Even with Quinn’s vocals, the song is not a scratch on MGK’s commendable 2019 collaboration with Yungblud.

When hearing the opening guitar tones, not even the meanest of men would blame you for unwittingly mistaking the track for blink 182. But the fact remains, blink 182 – and countless others – do this better; they are the Goliath to MGK’s David.

If you’re looking for a three minute, half-catchy, get-up-and-go jam, this might sit nicely in the dark depths of your pop punk playlist.


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